Christmas touches in the kitchen

It’s fun to add Christmas touches all around the house, and the kitchen is no exception! I find the kitchen one of the hardest to decorate actually. It’s probably the busiest room over the holidays. But I love to be surrounded with festive touches while I am making meals and cookies ( the only cookies I make for Christmas are these ones) I tried not to add too may things on the counters. In previous years, some of the decor was great on there, but I was so tired of it after a couple weeks, besides, it was in my way.

I don’t regret taking the cupboard doors off of these cabinets one bit. It has allowed me to put pretty dishes on display, and adds a certain charm. I added a faux pine garland along the top, and a few small faux trees sprinkled throughout.

I switched out the regular mugs with Christmas ones, and tucked in a jar filled with copper Christmas cookie cutters.

I have so many putz Christmas houses, but this year decided to just use one tiny pink one on a shelf. On the middle shelf I displayed my little village made out of Christmas cards. These were made by my daughter and I, along with my dear friend and her daughters, many years ago. They are one of my treasured decorations, and are so special to me. They will always be displayed at Christmas. On the bottom shelf, I decided to put the ingredients I use most often in baking…salt, baking soda, baking powder and powdered sugar. It’s so convenient (and looks good too!) The mixing bowls and rolling pin are on these shelves as well.

I brought out the Christmas dishes for the last week of November and all of December. I store all of these, along with the mugs, in the cupboard above the fridge. The top shelf has my tree and wreath “pictures” my sister made for me last year. She created them using some of our Grandmas buttons and brooches…such a special gift! The one pitcher has fresh cedar, I just have to remember to keep water in it..haha Behind the kettle is hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, and French vanilla cappuccino mixes. I like having these out all winter. And of course a couple jars of cookies. I found the myrtle topiary at a local garden centre. I hope I can keep it alive. The iron stone pitchers are holding some candy canes and pink handled cutlery.

On the other side of the kitchen is my farmhouse cupboard and table and chairs. I just put some faux greenery on top of the cupboard. I love princetta poinsettas, and have one on the table and one on the dining room table.

That is my Christmas kitchen this year! I didn’t show my fridge and stove, that are across from the sink. But they are just the usual, no Christmas on that side of the kitchen haha! Thank you for stopping by! I hoped you enjoyed seeing the small touches of Christmas, and you are inspired to add some to yours!

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