Easy Easter Centerpiece/Vignette

I put together a last minute centerpiece for our dining table for Easter with items I had in the house!
The only items purchased were the carnations. I love carnations because they are very budget friendly, and last a long time!

Farmhouse Easter Vignette

I started with a tray. I love to put things on trays because it “grounds” everything………. and when we go to set the table, everything can be moved out of the way all at once! Bonus! I laid a pink and white embroidered table runner in the tray to soften it a bit. (found at a yard sale years ago) I had two different bunches of carnations, so one bunch went in my french enamel pitcher, the other I cut shorter to put in a small white pitcher.

Farmhouse Easter Vignette

I am very fortunate to have a small old Bible from each of my Grandmas. They needed to be in the vignette.

Vintage Bibles

Under the cloche are my DIY chenille Easter eggs nestled in shredded packing paper. Any Easter eggs would work, and if you don’t have a cloche, a bowl would work just fine. I wanted to add a couple more small things, and the little hummingbirds nests we found on the ground a few years ago, were perfect! Add a few small chocolate pastel eggs and done!

Nests and eggs

I encourage you to “shop your house” to put together a quick centerpiece/vignette. Stick with a couple colours (I tend to gravitate towards pink haha) and add in something darker so it doesn’t look too sweet (Bibles). Vary the heights to keep it interesting. Thank you for stopping by, and I pray you have a Blessed Easter, remembering the gift of eternal life our Savior Christ gave to us!

Farmhouse Easter Vignette

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  1. Marilyn Moore says:

    What a creative daughter. You bless us (dad and I) so much. Not only in your beautiful home where we are welcomed. But also you use your many gifts to remember the real Creator. Bless you beloved daughter. Mom.

    1. Tracey says:

      Thank you Mom xoxo

  2. Stacey says:

    Beautiful and simple. Thanks for the great ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Tracey says:

      Thank you Stacey! Have a lovely weekend ๐Ÿ’—

  3. Tracey, this is simply beautiful!!! Iโ€™m totally obsessed with those darling chenille eggs under the cloche!
    Happy Easter weekend!!!

    1. Tracey says:

      Awe thank you sweet Emily xo. Happy Easter my friend

  4. houseonwren says:

    Tracey you give such great tips and this looks so wonderful. When I come to visit, I want to “shop your house” too! I promise not to take Nutmeg!

    1. Tracey says:

      You are always welcome to shop my house sweet Lori!! Haha and as far as Nutmeg, I think you may bring her back…haha sheโ€™s pretty high maintenance xoxo

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