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Easy Porch Curtains

Easy Porch Curtains

I’ts so easy to soften the look of a porch by hanging curtains up using a few nails and curtain clips. I just love that look. Last year, I hung drop cloths on the porch to create that look. I really liked them, but this year I wanted to change it up a bit. Drop cloths are beige, and I wanted a more white look. I had some sheers that I had bought at various thrift stores to decorate my daughter’s wedding. They were pretty, but as soon as any breeze came along, they were tangled and caught in the hydrangeas. Then I tried some inexpensive lace curtains that I had. Same thing happened…I was constantly tying them back up and untangling them. I needed something with some weight to it, but didn’t want to spend and arm and a leg! The perfect solution was waiting for me at an Antique Mall this past weekend.

Linen sheets

I scored these 4 linen sheets for $35.00! A lady had them in her hands and took them to the counter, she was debating whether she was going to buy them or not. I was hovering around at a respectable distance, watching, hoping she wouldn’t! After the cashier unfolded the first sheet, and the lady realized they were twin size, she said she was going to leave them…she had wanted bigger! Yay!! They were exactly the size I needed!!!! I quickly went to the counter and scooped them up! ( My husband and I were shopping with our good friends Scott and Lisa…They were watching me keep an eye on the lady as well…Scott said I was hovering like a turkey vulture, I like to explain it more like I was hovering like a bee, waiting to land on a pretty flower haha) I was definitely at the right place at the right time!

To hang them, all we did was hammer 4 nails at somewhat equal distance apart. (I don’t measure) Our porch is a wrap around, so I wanted a curtain on each end of the porch, and two at the corner.

Attach a curtain clip to each end of your material you are using and hang them up on the nails. Then I clipped the other two on..somewhat equal distance apart to create a drape effect.

Hammer the nails up so when the breeze blows, your clips don’t slide off.

I then took heavy strings that I had (they are about the size of shoe laces) and tied them to the posts.

This gives a nice scalloped look. I am so happy with them! They will be easy to wash, and as always…when I get tired of them, I can change it up! Hope you try these easy curtains on your porch! You could do this to a pergola as well!

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  1. Lynnie says:

    Beautiful!! 💕

    1. Tracey says:

      Thanks Lynnie 😘

  2. Emily says:

    These curtains are so lovely!! I totally would have been hovering too! The sheets have made the perfect curtains for your dreamy porch!! I absolutely love everything you do!!

    1. Tracey says:

      Oh Emily! I so appreciate you and your kindness! Thank you! 💗

      1. Aunt Barb says:

        Can I come for a sleepover on your porch..soooo inviting.. I would be low maintenance..honest.. You wouldn.t even have to feed me.. Ok ok.. Maybe a cup of tea..

        1. Tracey says:

          Haha you are welcome anytime!!! But you might not want to sleep with a racoon or skunk or mosquito 😉

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    1. Tracey says:

      Thank you!

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