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Easy Tea Dyeing Faux Eggs

I am so thankful for warmer weather, and the promise of Spring! It has been unseasonably warm here, and I have been loving it! I’m so ready to get out and get gardening!

I have been keeping the decorating around here pretty simple lately. Using some vintage Easter post cards, and a few small Spring touches, rounds out my decorating for Easter this year.

I do have an easy DIY to share……taking Dollar Store white eggs and making them just a little more natural. Keeping with my simple decor theme, I wanted to have a centerpiece of eggs just nestled in some moss. I purchased some moss at the Dollar Store, and placed it in a small basket. (I lined the basket with paper towel first, because moss can get messy) When I placed the eggs on the moss, they looked a little too white. I was wanting a more natural, off white colour. So tea dyeing was my next step, but these eggs are so light, they float! After a few minutes of thinking, I pulled out my French press and in they went! It held them under perfectly!!

Start by brewing strong tea in a French press. Mine holds 4 cups of water, but I didn’t fill it all the need room for the eggs. I used 4 tea bags. I let that steep for a few minutes, then placed 3 eggs in and pressed them under! I kept the eggs in the press for about 5 minutes, and they turned out exactly the colour I wanted!

Just let them dry on a paper towel, as you press the next set of eggs under! That’s it! I took an old tooth brush and flecked some brown craft paint on a few of them. This isn’t necessary though.

I am so thrilled with how they turned out!!! If you are looking for a very simple DIY this is it!!!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate you all! I pray you all have a very blessed Easter, remembering the gift of eternal life Christ gave us!

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  1. Marilyn Moore says:

    How simple!!! Eggs looked so real! Thanks for the reminder of what Easter is Really about!! Blessings to all. Mom

    1. Tracey says:

      Thanks Mom! xo

  2. Lynda says:

    I love how they turned out! Easy enough to for the little ones to do too 😊. Thanks for sharing 💕💕💕

    1. Tracey says:

      Thanks Lynnie! Definitely easy peasy! xo

  3. ginette4 says:

    Great post…always happy to get your newsletter in my mail box

    By the way love kittie round up on Instagram and I love that Coconut ❤️

    1. Tracey says:

      Awe thanks so much! The weather has turned cold again so the round up is pretty quick! haha
      They come in on their own!

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