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How to make faux paperwhites

I love paperwhite flowers! They are so elegant looking, and add such a nice touch over the holidays. Especially when there are no flowers to pick from the garden.

When I was decorating my shed for Christmas, I really wanted to have some paperwhites out there. But that wasn’t an option, because my shed isn’t heated, and they wouldn’t survive. I looked online to purchase some faux ones, but I didn’t want to pay alot. Well, they were more than I wanted to spend, so I made my own! After looking at several pictures of paperwhites, I was on the hunt for supplies. Let me share how easy they are to create.

Coconut is easy to spot, but who spots Nutmeg?

I started by looking for inexpensive faux flowers in the dollar store. I found these pom pom type flowers. The leaves were perfect! The key is to find greenery that look like onions….long and slender. Tulip leaves are too wide, and I couldn’t find faux daffodils in the dollar store. I looked online for faux scallions, because they would have worked, but they were way too expensive for me. The pom pom type flowers were perfect! I had the sprig of small white flowers in my stash already.

look for stems that are long and slender for the leaves of your flowers

I removed the flower heads from the long slender stems. I bent that little wire end over. (If you study paperwhites, they grow from the side of the top of the plant)

Next, I removed a white flower from the sprig. These particular flowers were full, with three layers. I took the layers apart and put the flower back together, leaving just one layer. I was lucky because these particular flowers had yellow centres already, as paperwhites do! After dabbing a small amount of hot glue on the wire, I placed the flower on. Wrapping a small amount of floral tape over where the flower meets the stem…it cleans it up, and I think makes them look more real.

These particular stems were really long, so I cut the ends off to the length I wanted. I placed floral foam inside a terra cotta pot, and proceeded to pop my flowers in randomly.

as you can see, I grabbed a dirty terra cotta pot (oh well, you wont see this part haha)

I covered the foam with burlap.

add burlap

The next container I used, I covered the foam with pea gravel. Some little pine cones would be cute, or even moss!

That is it!! These are so easy to create! I hope you give these easy flowers a try, and if you do, let me know! Tag me on Instagram, or Facebook!

Thank you so much for stopping by! And happy crafting!

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