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Painting Vintage Sconces with Rust-Oleum Spray Paint

I am always on the hunt for unique vintage treasures to add to my Potting Shed. And I’m not afraid to paint something to make it my own. When Rust-Oleum approached me to partner with them for their #spraynewlife challenge, I was all over it!

Before…very pretty, but I wanted them to stand out on the Shed!

I spotted these vintage metal sconces in my fave Antique Store…I knew they would be perfect for the outside, with just a little tweaking with some spray paint!

Here are the paints that I used!

I started by removing the metal bows with wire cutters, and wiping the sconces down to remove any dust. I wanted to keep the leaves and the stem green, so I taped them all up with painters tape. (this was the longest part of the project) I also taped the candle holders because I wanted those black.

I sprayed the back of the flowers and all the little wire stems with the Champagne Pink. After waiting 30 min, I flipped it over and sprayed the front of the flowers. I sprayed lightly so that some of the yellow and the stems would still show up. This gave them such pretty dimension!

After waiting an hour, I covered the flowers and stems with a plastic bag and secured it with painters tape. I then removed the tape from the candle holders. I sprayed them black. I sprayed the back of them first, waited 30 minutes, and then flipped the piece over and sprayed the front. I could have sprayed them all at once, if I would have hung it up, and let it dangle…but I was doing some gardening in between, so I didn’t mind waiting.


After approximately 2 hours, I removed the plastic bag and the tape off of the leaves and stem. Done!

remove the bottom of the solar light and secure the top piece in the candle holder by wrapping it with electrical tape.

I decided to add some solar lights to them, as they would be hanging outside of the Shed. I bought some small solar lights from the dollar store. The solar light is easily removed from the spike. Once I did that, I wrapped the bottom of the light with electrical tape to make the end fit snug into the candle holder. You could use masking tape, small twine, etc…anything that will withstand the weather…just don’t make it permanent. The solar lights wont last forever, so you will want them easy to remove, and replace with new ones.

Vintage Sconces looking right at home on the Shed!
Love how they look on the outside of the Potting Shed!

I just love how these turned out!! I have used Rust-Oleum paint for many of my projects, and it has never disappointed! It has stood up great to the elements, and I knew it would be perfect for this!

I hope you are inspired to try a project of your own! And now is the perfect time! Head to Rust-Oleum for all the info about the #spraynewlife challenge, and you just might win a $500 gift card to the home improvement store of your choice! Happy painting!

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  1. Marilyn Moore says:

    WOW !!!!! They are amazing. Absolutely gorgeous !!!!! You are amazing! So gifted. thank you for sharing your gifts. Love you. xoxoxox

    1. Tracey says:

      Thanks Mom! Love you too! xoxo

  2. Lynda Doerksen says:

    These look even prettier in person! <3
    Great job!!

    1. Tracey says:

      Thanks Lynnie! xoxo

  3. Marg KL says:

    Wow! That turned out awesome.

    1. Tracey says:

      Thank you Marg! I love them! xo

  4. sharon says:

    They look amazing! What magic a can of paint (and a talented diy’er) can do!

    sharon @houseonheatherfield

    1. Tracey says:

      Awe Sharon!!! Thank you sweet friend 💗

  5. Tanya says:

    You are a girl on a mission! Love following you!

    1. Tracey says:

      Haha I am! Thank you Tanya! Appreciate you!

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