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Snowflakes from Toilet Paper Tubes

I’ve got a very easy Christmas craft for you today. I have seen these done before, but have never tried making my own. Well, I am going to share how easy they really are!

My supervisor for craft night

First step is to collect some toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, even wrapping paper tubes. I started making these one evening, and Coconut thought it was very intriguing. He curled up in the bowl, and watched.

Make yourself a hot chocolate and start creating snowflakes!

Once you have a few, take one of the tubes and flatten it, and then cut it into even strips . You could take a ruler and mark out with a pencil where to make your cuts, so the strips are all the same size. I just eyeballed them, and they were fine.

Once you have all of your circles cut out, take a few, and glue them together to form the base of the snowflake. Some of my snowflakes had a base of 5, some 6. I used a glue gun to glue them together. Then keep adding circles to your snowflake. I cut some of the circles in half, to create smaller loops. I glued some inside the bigger loops, some outside the loops. Each one I did a little differently, like real snowflakes. Just be creative!

After I was happy with them, I took a small paintbrush and brushed white glue on the edges. I then sprinkled some glitter in a plate, and dipped the snowflake in the glitter. If there was a spot that needed more, I sprinkled it on.

snowflakes made from music sheets!

That is it!! I was so surprised how a lowly toilet paper tube could be transformed into something so pretty! Using this same technique, you could create these using any pretty paper, as long as it has a little weight to it. I was feeling extra creative and folded an old music sheet and cut small strips, and created a snowflake. This was a little more tedious because I had to glue the ends of the strips to create circles, before creating the snowflake. But I loved how they turned out! I gifted these to my sister, who is a pianist.

Finished! As you can see, some are a little more elaborate than others. I also made a small one with circles cut in half. Coconut approves.

I glued small plastic snowflakes to the middle of each one. I found these at the dollar store! This isn’t a necessary step, I just thought it added a little something extra to each one. And that is how easy these are to make!

I hung mine from the mantel in the dining room, but you could hang these on a tree, chandelier, garland, etc. I hope you make some of these and tag me on Instagram or Facebook. Would love to see! As always, thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate each one of you!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Marilyn Moore says:

    WOW!! Those are amazing. Actually they are inspirational. A mundane blah toilet paper roll that get’s tossed away, being transformed into something so beautiful. Thank you!! Coconut added a perfect touch to your article. He’s white and blends perfectly. thanks again for sharing. They/you are amazing. Love Mom xoxoxo

  2. Lori @houseonwren says:

    This turned out really cut Tracey! And of course I love your little helper! My little Puff would have never stayed in the bowl, he would have been all over the place! I might try and make some of these!

  3. Koleta Scott says:

    Beautiful white cat you have!

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